The Last Time

Just when you think you’ve figured everything out. Boom! Reality hits. I’ve struggled (and still struggle) with accepting my weaknesses and flaws. I’ve tried covering them up, pushing them to the side, and even attacking them head on. What I’ve failed to do is look them dead in the eye and say, “Okay, so you’re what’s been causing this, lets chat.” Maybe its silly to think of your weaknesses as living things, maybe not. I like to think of mine that way, because they are a part of me and they follow me wherever I go. Instead of trying to cover up or push aside the things that make you weak, why not look them in the mirror and accept them. That’s YOU! Whether you like it or not your personality will stick with you for the rest of your life. Until you are willing to become aware of your flaws and imperfections, you’ll never be able to get beyond that into fixing them.

Just my little motivational fix for the day. (There is no structure to this post. I apologize.)

So its Tuesday, not just any Tuesday though, the last Tuesday I’ll ever experience as an undergraduate student. Weird. I’m sure you’re all probably tired of hearing it but I think it’s literally INSANE that I’ve made it this far.

In fact, what I should be doing right now is working on my final projects, but I’m not. One flaw I’ve come to accept, but try and fix, is that I am a successful procrastinator. I have ample amounts of time to get assignments done with close to no stress, but I’d rather wait until the night before to hate my life and then feel like a champ when I grab an A. I guess its my own little kind of adrenaline rush in a super weird and dorky way.

So yesterday, I was planning on posting but obviously that didn’t happen. I apologize for the huge letdown. Instead I was busy doing the Brazilian butt lift with my girl Adrienne. Yeah. We were getting down in her living room trying to sculpt the perfect booty. It was great and hard and I’m definitely feeling it today. Adrienne and I work together and have discovered we have a lot in common, but one thing in particular we both LOVE BRAZIL! Like I mentioned in my first post, I get excited about new things super easy. As of yesterday I started researching the possibilities of working in Sao Paulo and how I have sworn to learn Portuguese by the end of summer. We’re planning a trip to go in October for a month. Maybe I won’t come back. Who knows right? Right!?

I adore Brazil. Its fantastic and full of culture and beautiful places and people to see! My family there is crazy and big and I love them SO SO very much.

I’ll leave you with some pictures. Have a great Tuesday!

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