Hello. Oi. Hola. Bonjour. My Name is Melissa.

Okay…so I’m doing it, I’m going all out and jumping into the blogosphere. I’ve dabbled with blogging a couple times but never really put any thought into doing this thing full fledge. I suppose to begin I should introduce myself. My name is Melissa. I’m about 25 days shy of being a college graduate. I’m 21. I’m half brazilian/caucasian just to get that one out of the way. I am a Jesus Follower, graphic designer, avid Instagrammer and advertising fiend. I guess that covers the basics.

Whats this blog going to be about?

I suppose Moments With Mel is going to be a blog about well, moments of my life. What better way than to document what is going on in my life than to keep a blog. Its like my own public diary where I care share things I love and what’s going on in my life right now. Sounds like fun!

What made me decide to start bogging?

Well there are a number of contributing factors as to why I’m keeping a blog. I love sharing things that I love with people and love learning about what other people love. I truly believe that taking a piece of someone’s unique life that you particularly find interesting and being able to incorporate it in some twisted way into your own life is what makes for super awesome people. That’s just my philosophy. Another reason is a dear friend of mine, and fellow blogger Taylor suggested I do so. I love her. We will be roomies again pretty soon (Lord willing). Hopefully in a few short months I’ll be picking up and moving to Nashville, Tennessee. Granted I find a job. But that is a whole other pile of glitter to jump into.

About me:


I’m a very weird person. I like taking pictures of everything….literally. I say literally more than the average human being. I suppose by saying literally it will enforce the fact that what I am saying is so literal that you can have zero questions about it. Its weird. I have an odd obsession with pronouncing words correctly. People make fun of me and the way I say “clothes”. I literally (here we go) say kuh-lo-thiz. Thats probably phonetically wrong but it just sounds like it is spelled. I was terrible in English though. I don’t know why I have that habit. I’m severely random. I get excited about new things, hence the reason I started a blog. I make weird faces and noises. All day, errrryday. But that’s me. When I’m really tired I start to get even weirder. Ok, done rambling.

Things you’ll probably find on this blog:

Rants about waitressing

Nerd Talk about Advertising, Graphic Design and photography

My personal opinions


My favorite websites

Ventures into my career as a designer

and other miscellaneous nonsense.


PS. If you wanna see my pictures on Instagram. Follow me @emgeezie


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